In 1937, Dr. J Houston Thomas and Dr. R Gayle Spann began a practice together in Freer, Texas. The practice relocated to Corpus Christi in 1949 where property was purchased on Brownlee Boulevard for the construction of the Thomas-Spann Clinic. The clinic opened in July 1949 with seven doctors and 13 hospital beds. The clinic struggled a t first, relying on patients from Freer, Alice and other nearby towns. Eventually, the clinic began to grow and add physicians of various specialties to serve the community. Expansion was completed in May 1954, making the clinic the first completely air-conditioned building in the area. By 1955 there were twelve doctors and sixteen hospital beds. Dr. James Gabbard performed one of the first open heart surgeries in Corpus Christi in the late 1950s at Thomas-Spann Clinic. Further expansion added a second floor in 1959, eventually growing the clinic to 52 hospital beds, a two-room Operating Room(OR) suite, and a three-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) by 1963. Changing dynamics in healthcare, building code modifications, and other regulatory changes made it difficult for the smaller hospitals to survive financially. The clinic and its fifty-two-hospital-bed designation from the state was sold to Doctors? Regional Hospital in 1975. Today, Thomas-Spann Clinic is a partnership of practicing physicians evolving from the group originally founded in 1949. The clinic expanded to its current location at S.P.I.D. and Rodd Field Road in 1996. The staff is comprised of doctors specializing in family practice, internal medicine, endocrinology, neurology and oncology/hematology. Doctors practicing at Thomas-Spann Clinic are Brandi Addison, D.O., George Benavidez, M.D, Orel M Everett, M.D., Erik Garza, M.D., Isaac Guerrero, M.D., Ernesto Guido, M.D., John Hartman, D.O., Scott w Howell,M.D., Aftab Mahmood, M.D., J. Michael Neff, M.D., Minh Nguyen, M.D., Charles Sanders, M.D. and Mark G Strauss, M.D.. The clinic offers a full range of services utilizing the latest technologies and proudly continues to build on the strong reputation set forth by Drs. Thomas and Spann.